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Gamescom 2011: Sinobido 2 heading to Europe

Namco Bandai Games have announced that they’ve picked up the European localization rights to Spike/Acquire’s stealth action ninja game Shinobido 2: Tales of the Ninja. The game will be a launch title for Vita in Europe. As of this writing, no publisher has stepped up for North American duties, but as Spike’s sole purpose for appearing at E3 was to sell the game to localization firms, I don’t think we have anything to worry about.
Even if a publisher doesn’t bite, we can just import the game cartridge release,  just as Shinobido fans did for the PSP, and PS2 games which were released in Europe, but not North America.


Falcom CEO talks Vita RPG

Earlier this year Nihon Falcom Corporation (makers of Ys, and the Trails in the Sky series) announced that they would be developing a PlayStation Vita launch window title. That was all they said, however, as AndriaSang reports in a Dengeki PlayStation article CEO Toshihiro Kondo let this slip:

The new game has reached a point where it can be played a considerable amount, Kondo told the magazine. Development will require a bit more time, though.

Kondo also expressed interest in some of the system’s special features, saying that pointing devices are a good fit for Falcom games. He added that Falcom would not simply use a feature just because it’s there, though. As an example, he mentioned the system’s front and rear touch capabilities. The new game uses both, but only where truly necessary.

It seems the game’s development is at a place to where a potential TGS announcement isn’t out of the picture.

Rumor: Disgaea 3 to be a Vita launch title?

Japanese Yahoo may have spilled the beans on Nippon Ichi Software’s Vita launch title. Earlier today, Yahoo posted a story about upcoming games (as well as the unfortunate demise of Megaman Legends 3) and let it slip that NIS is working on making the PlayStation 3 title, Disgaea 3 a Vita launch title. Quickly the listing was removed, but not before some wide eyed readers caught on to it, saved the text, and responded to the comments.

Said text:

本体と同時発売 魔界戦記ディスガイア3 Return 新規

This should come as no big surprise at all. NIS had previously ported Disgaea, and Disgaea 2 to PSP, and met good critical, as well as commercial success with those endeavors. So much so that NIS would later bring a PSP-exclusive series in the platformer Prinny Can I Really Be The Hero?!, and the visual novel Disgaea Infinite. I’m also sure Disgaea 4 (set for US launch this fall) will eventually find its way onto Vita.

Any Vita port would be guaranteed a localization from NIS America who have previously mentioned some excitement for the platform, and have translated basically everything Disgaea.

So the question is doods, would you be willing to spend some more time with Etna on the go?