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No Heroes Allowed! VR flops in Japanese debut

The first major 2017 Japanese PlayStation VR exclusive didn’t turn out to be so major after all. Sony Interactive Entertainment and Acquire’s No Heroes Allowed! VR pushed just 5,462 units at retail in Japan in its debut week of sale, according to the latest Media Create report. This represents a complete collapse from the prior three physically released entries in the franchise:

[PSP] No Heroes Allowed! – 29,262 / 173,724
[PSP] No Heroes Allowed! 2 – 58,806 / 217,627
[PSP] No Heroes Allowed! 3D – 33,920 / 100,308

In addition to these main entries, the series has inspired multiple i-mode mobile phone titles, a PlayStation Mobile spinoff, and two free-to-play downloadable spinoffs on PlayStation Vita. Sony’s Forward Works division is currently developing another spinoff, No Heroes Allowed! DASH, for iOS and Android devices. The virtual reality outing has been the first time the franchise has been available on a home console and sales suggest it might be the last. Read the rest of this entry


Tearaway Unfolded Flops In Japanese Debut

Sony ports their handheld games to home consoles in an effort to try to introduce new audiences to quality content, but that doesn’t look like it’s working out for Tearaway. After a poor showing in the United Kingdom, the PS4 reversioning of 2013’s Vita classic has failed to make all three major Japanese sales tracking charts after its October 1st debut. Read the rest of this entry