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E3 2011: Dust 514 to feature Vita features

At their E3 2011 presentation, Sony announced that Eve Online developer CCP would be developing the MMO FPS Dust 514 for the PlayStation 3, and PC platforms. However, within that announcement came support for the PlayStation Move, Sharpshooter, PlayStation Home, and … PlayStation Vita. CCP has yet to detail on what features Dust 514 would have for Vita players.


E3 2011: Ruin announced for Vita

At their E3 2011 press conference, Sony announced Ruin – a hack and slash Diablo style game from Idol Minds, whom fans may know as the development studio behind the marquee PlayStation Network title, Pain. The game sets out on its brawler quest on both PS3, and Vita. As such, it’ll be taking full advantage of cloud saving so gamers can play the game at home, and on the go.

PSP Remaster Series Announced for PS3, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd goes first

As Andriasang reports, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has announced a new series of Blu-Ray releases. This series will attempt to bring PSP favourite titles to the PS3 with enhanced HD visuals, expanded content, Dual Shock 3 compatibility, cross compatible saves (from PSP to PS3, and vice versa), and 3D display connectivity. This series of games will be compatible with the Ad-Hoc Party application for PS3 which allows PSP owners to play previously local-multiplayer only games online. The first of these titles set to be released is the immensely popular Monster Hunter Portable 3rd under a new name of Monster Hunter Portable HD. As of this writing an announcement for this series outside of Japan has not occurred, nor has any comment on trophy compatibility been made.

Hmm,”Portable HD”, huh? How can it be a “portable” game, yet be on a console? Unless…

Yes, back at the PlayStation Meeting in January, Capcom showcased a new version of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd on NGP hardware. It functioned with the dual analogs, and had an enhanced visual display. Andriasang also mentions that these Remastered PSP games may have the ability to be released on PSN. Maybe, just maybe these new titles will be NGP compatible as well?

Images from, and the Japanese PlayStation Site.