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Rumor: Disgaea 3 to be a Vita launch title?

Japanese Yahoo may have spilled the beans on Nippon Ichi Software’s Vita launch title. Earlier today, Yahoo posted a story about upcoming games (as well as the unfortunate demise of Megaman Legends 3) and let it slip that NIS is working on making the PlayStation 3 title, Disgaea 3 a Vita launch title. Quickly the listing was removed, but not before some wide eyed readers caught on to it, saved the text, and responded to the comments.

Said text:

本体と同時発売 魔界戦記ディスガイア3 Return 新規

This should come as no big surprise at all. NIS had previously ported Disgaea, and Disgaea 2 to PSP, and met good critical, as well as commercial success with those endeavors. So much so that NIS would later bring a PSP-exclusive series in the platformer Prinny Can I Really Be The Hero?!, and the visual novel Disgaea Infinite. I’m also sure Disgaea 4 (set for US launch this fall) will eventually find its way onto Vita.

Any Vita port would be guaranteed a localization from NIS America who have previously mentioned some excitement for the platform, and have translated basically everything Disgaea.

So the question is doods, would you be willing to spend some more time with Etna on the go?


Rumor: Phantasy Star Victory coming to PlayStation Vita?

In news that’s just a bit old, as Magic Box reports it appears SEGA developer Kenichi Tanase has accidentally let the title of the next Phantasy Star game out on Twitter. It seems this new Phantasy Star will be titled Phantasy Star Victory (emphasis added).

The Tweet in question

Phantasy Star is an RPG franchise started by SEGA in 1987, and has become a fixture for the studio encompassing dozens of games, and other media. In particular, the series has spawned 2 successful spinoff brands, in Phantasy Star Online, and Phantasy Star Universe. The latest entry in Phantasy Star Universe is the PlayStation Portable title Phantasy Star Portable 2i.

Does the acronym PSV for Victory mean it’ll end up on PlayStation Vita, just as PSP ended up on PlayStation Portable? Chinese forum TG Bus seems to think so. In fact, they’re willing to say that the game was actually Phantasy Star Portable 3 for PSP, and that developer Sonic Team moved it to Vita after examining the current market, and feeling that platform’s time was over.

Is TG Bus’s description accurate? I don’t know. They may have translated the platform switch information from Kenichi Tanase’s Twitter page, but as I don’t understand Japanese, I can’t say for certain.

We do know SEGA has 5 titles in development for Vita. One of which we know to be Virtua Tennis 4, another heavily rumored to be Sonic Generations, and another to be a new IP from their newly launched UK Studio.

Patent: Sony handhelds could have PlayStation Move compatibility

A patent filed in November 2009, that has only recently surfaced showcases the interactivity of a PlayStation Move controller (yet to be released) and a handheld PSPgo looking device. The patent calls for a handheld or mobile device to be plugged into a dock for the controllers to work. While this idea sounds absolutely crazy based on how close you would have to be to see any of the actions on screen, it raises a decent point. If this portable has a TV-out option (allowing the display to be shown on a TV screen), and have the controllers linked together ala the PSPgo, it would mean that the portable could become a full fledged home console and replace, say a PS3. As it’s capable of playing games that would require motion controls. The patent also includes compatibility with 3D technology. It’s a cool idea, and something we may see on Sony’s next handheld.

Rumor: NGP to be named “PlayStation Vita” and Uncharted to be named “Golden Abyss”?

Gaming blog Gamespundit is reporting that the final name for the NGP as from a trusted source is “PlayStation Vita”. A bit of a jump to drop the PlayStation Portable branding after the first sold more than 60 million units worldwide, and counting, but it makes sense to drop that branding at the same time. The PSP’s name has the negative connotation of being a failed platform in the west. People tend to have a stigma that the PSP “has no games”, or that the games it has are all ports of another platform’s games. It also helps stear the platform away from public confusion. With a name like “Vita”, no one would confuse the platform for another PSP revision, as the public has with the 3DS. “Vita”, in Latin means “Life”.

There may be some truth to the name “Vita”, as new images of the device sporting the name have leaked showcasing an angle never released in the press materials, as well as new icons on the user interface. So, if it is a Photoshop job, it’s certainly a good one. As well,, and are domains registered to a Ascio Technologies, the same firm who has registered PlayStation domains for Sony in the past. Both domains were registered last month.

It should also be noted that apparently an older working title for the NGP was Vita. Why would Sony register the domain for an older name months after? Well, maybe the working title struck a chord.

In related news, RipTen is reporting that alongside the “Vita” name, Uncharted NGP will be named, “Uncharted: Golden Abyss”.

It will only be days before these rumors are proved fact, or fiction with an upcoming Uncharted NGP reveal, and E3 2011.

Thanks goes to NeoGAF members onQ123, Dwayne, john tv, and gofreak for finding all this information.

Sony says don’t believe what you read on the internet in regards to NGP specs

French site, who was alarming accurate in their NGP hardware speculation prior to the PlayStation Meeting unveiling had recently reported that the technical specs of the NGP had been downgraded. Specifically, the RAM – going from 512MB RAM plus 128MB VRAM to 256MB RAM plus 128MB VRAM. This would mean games would likely have lower resolution textures, and wouldn’t be as fast as the previous numbers also reported that the handheld would arrive without any sort of on board storage, which is a kiss of death in promoting the online storefronts Sony wishes to.

However, it should be noted that Sony never clarified the amount of RAM, or the availability of on board storage for NGP. In fact, at their GDC 2011 developer briefing, Sony was suspiciously quiet in that regard, almost to a hilarious effect.

In an interesting turn of events, Sony Worldwide Studios head, Shuhei Yoshida responded to a tweet regarding the legitimacy of the 01net rumors, and responded with:

While’s article has called into question the platform’s memory strength (which is still leaps and bounds above the competition) and that response tweet is questionable at best, this rumor seems to solidify Sony’s developer relations. According to the site, developers couldn’t be more pleased with the machine, stating it’s been the easiest PlayStation platform to develop for.

Thanks to NeoGAF members Pungza, and Spiegal for pointing this out.

PSP Remaster Series Announced for PS3, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd goes first

As Andriasang reports, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has announced a new series of Blu-Ray releases. This series will attempt to bring PSP favourite titles to the PS3 with enhanced HD visuals, expanded content, Dual Shock 3 compatibility, cross compatible saves (from PSP to PS3, and vice versa), and 3D display connectivity. This series of games will be compatible with the Ad-Hoc Party application for PS3 which allows PSP owners to play previously local-multiplayer only games online. The first of these titles set to be released is the immensely popular Monster Hunter Portable 3rd under a new name of Monster Hunter Portable HD. As of this writing an announcement for this series outside of Japan has not occurred, nor has any comment on trophy compatibility been made.

Hmm,”Portable HD”, huh? How can it be a “portable” game, yet be on a console? Unless…

Yes, back at the PlayStation Meeting in January, Capcom showcased a new version of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd on NGP hardware. It functioned with the dual analogs, and had an enhanced visual display. Andriasang also mentions that these Remastered PSP games may have the ability to be released on PSN. Maybe, just maybe these new titles will be NGP compatible as well?

Images from, and the Japanese PlayStation Site.