Tearaway Unfolded Flops In Japanese Debut

Sony ports their handheld games to home consoles in an effort to try to introduce new audiences to quality content, but that doesn’t look like it’s working out for Tearaway. After a poor showing in the United Kingdom, the PS4 reversioning of 2013’s Vita classic has failed to make all three major Japanese sales tracking charts after its October 1st debut.

Dengeki offers the most comprehensive look with their top 50 chart. The last entry on the list, Lego Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin for the Nintendo 3DS, pushed a paltry 1,239 units. Somehow the papercraft adventure couldn’t muster the stuff to beat out those numbers.

Digital sales haven’t been kind to the game either. In Sony’s weekly Japanese PS4 games sale chart, the game only managed to reach the last spot, despite a 10% discount being applied for PS+ users. As Japan is still a market dominated by physical releases and that is a PS4-specific chart, one has to imagine those are not impressive numbers.

The fall hasn’t been a kind season to Sony’s game publishing business in Japan. Sales for the company’s slate has ranged from awful (Destiny: The Taken King, Tearaway Unfolded, Helldivers) to mediocre (Until Dawn). The only success story so far has been the publisher’s sole physical PS Vita release in 2015, Minecraft. Microsoft’s building game has been a fixture on the Japanese sales chart since its March debut, with total retail sales now surpassing 360,000 units. The publisher has to be hoping a rejuvenated PS4 can turn their fortune around.


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