Invizimals: Hidden Challenges Trading Card Game App released

European PlayStation Vita owners may have noticed an Invizimals: Trading Card App on the weekly PlayStation Store update. There’s a reason for that. Sony, Invizimals developer Novarama, and Italian collectibles company Panini have partnered up to launch a new Invizimals trading card game. While there has been other Invizimals collectibles from that trio this new set of cards, dubbed “Hidden Challenges” marks a new move in the franchise’s expansion in Portugal, and Spain. Panini has committed to releasing over 470 different physical cards that’ll have players battling their favourites Invizimals, and launching powerful vortex strikes. Cards will retail for euros. In addition to the physical game, there is the Trading Card App that has been released on PSVita, PSP, iOS, and Android. This free app will allow users to import their physical Hidden Challenges cards into the virtual world to continue the fight. The app will provide collection statistics, online multiplayer, and of course allow users to demo the augmented reality features that made the franchise famous.

Invizimals: Hidden Challenges Trading Card Game Promo

Daniel Crespo of Novarama said that while Invizimals is a Sony property, the ability to release mobile apps expands the amount of people who can become aware of the series. He later said that it’s important to distinguish mobile apps from the traditional Invizimals games to ensure that one doesn’t replace the other. The studio saw Invizimals: Hidden Challenges as a fun diversion while the studio took 2012 off from releasing Invizimals games in an attempt to make the next one special. Presumably the next game will be launched alongside the Invizimals television series set to air later this year.

Daniel Crespo Interview

Panini currently plans to release Hidden Challenges only in Spain, and Portugal. As such, the apps are also exclusive to those countries. The Invizimals games have sold over 600,000 units in that market since launch in 2009.



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