Vita FCC approved, made in part by Samsung, and now for 2012 in US/EU

It’s been a big couple of days for PlayStation Vita news, first we found out that microchip manufacturer, and Sony rival Samsung will be manufacturing the PlayStation Vita’s CPU. The CPU in question will be a 45 nanometer manufacturing process. While it’s true Sony does have its own internal chip manufacturing, it’s likely they aren’t properly equipped to handle this process. This should be seen as good news, as Samsung’s CPUs are some of the best in the industry.

With that out of the way, it’s only natural that the Vita has now been approved by the FCC! Yes, the electronics safety, and compliance commission have found the PlayStation Vita to be fine for consumer use. An FCC approval this early would signify a US launch soon, but said FCC appraisal was sent in April, and the next piece of news will destroy any sort of 2011 hopes…

Today Kazuo Hirai, the head of the Network Services at Sony Electronics told investors that the PlayStation Vita is now scheduled for a 2012 launch in European, and North American markets at $249/$299. Stating that due to software, they couldn’t launch the platform in those markets within calendar 2011. This isn’t completely surprising given Jack Tretton, and other Sony executives have said there’s a chance Vita would only make it out in 1 territory this year, it is alarming given Nintendo will have both North America, and Europe for themselves at $169 with Super Mario 3D Land, and Mario Kart 7.

Though some will question why Sony has chosen Japan as the launch market for Vita, given the PSP’s health there, and the software announced. I suspect Sony wants consumers to transition to Vita, instead of being allured by the now cheaper than PSP 3DS. If they can get Vita retail releases for Final Fantasy Type-0 and such, the platform may be able to put up a dent in what is sure to be a monster holiday season for the 3DS. As for other software, Japanese title include Ridge Racer, Hot Shots Golf, and Dynasty Warriors, which were all launch titles for the PSP, and all sold over 250,000 units (with Hot Shots Golf tapping out at four hundred thousand).

Well, I guess I can’t fault them for not wanting to live up to its No Games Portable codename… I suppose they also don’t care too much about market share, as Hirai noted that they felt their price was very competitive, despite the recent 3DS price drop. I suppose not caring about market share is fair, since you can be a very profitable second place, such as the PSP.


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