Rumor: Phantasy Star Victory coming to PlayStation Vita?

In news that’s just a bit old, as Magic Box reports it appears SEGA developer Kenichi Tanase has accidentally let the title of the next Phantasy Star game out on Twitter. It seems this new Phantasy Star will be titled Phantasy Star Victory (emphasis added).

The Tweet in question

Phantasy Star is an RPG franchise started by SEGA in 1987, and has become a fixture for the studio encompassing dozens of games, and other media. In particular, the series has spawned 2 successful spinoff brands, in Phantasy Star Online, and Phantasy Star Universe. The latest entry in Phantasy Star Universe is the PlayStation Portable title Phantasy Star Portable 2i.

Does the acronym PSV for Victory mean it’ll end up on PlayStation Vita, just as PSP ended up on PlayStation Portable? Chinese forum TG Bus seems to think so. In fact, they’re willing to say that the game was actually Phantasy Star Portable 3 for PSP, and that developer Sonic Team moved it to Vita after examining the current market, and feeling that platform’s time was over.

Is TG Bus’s description accurate? I don’t know. They may have translated the platform switch information from Kenichi Tanase’s Twitter page, but as I don’t understand Japanese, I can’t say for certain.

We do know SEGA has 5 titles in development for Vita. One of which we know to be Virtua Tennis 4, another heavily rumored to be Sonic Generations, and another to be a new IP from their newly launched UK Studio.


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