Icon Games 2 Vita Projects: Pub Games, and Build N’Race Extreme impress

Now that E3 is over, we can begin to cover games that have been lost in the shuffle from smaller studios. PlayStation Minis developer, Icon Games fits that bill. They have multiple PlayStation Vita projects in development, and two of them happen to be Pub Games, and Build N’Race Extreme.

Pub Games appears to be just what the title would tell you, a collection of bar themed games such as billiards, and air hockey.

The next is Build N’Race Extreme, which just as the title tells you, is a racing game with what appears to be a track editor.

Before making any harsh judgments, I should mention these are Alpha build screenshots from a much smaller outfit than the likes of Sony, or Namco. So these results are quite outstanding, and showcase how friendly the Vita is.


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