E3 2011: Dragon’s Crown Debut Trailer

Vanillaware’s PS3/Vita sidescroller has had a rough life. Originally the game was designed to be a sequel to Princess Crown back on the Dreamcast. But that didn’t materialize, and 13 years later it shows up on the Vita, and PS3 in a 1 to four player co-operative Golden Axe style adventure (they’ve confirmed that Vita players can play with PS3 players, and vice versa). The game’s director, George Kamitani (Muramaasa: The Demon Blade, Odin Sphere) has stated that it was difficult to get funding for the game, and the only publisher willing to bite was Ignition. Hence, Ignition has picked up the game for worldwide distribution. It’s set for a Spring 2012 launch. Maybe the trailer will tell us why publishers were so scared to bite this one up (warning: it is a bit NSFW):

Yeah, I can see why.

Check out Dragon’s Crown official website.


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