Rumor: NGP to be named “PlayStation Vita” and Uncharted to be named “Golden Abyss”?

Gaming blog Gamespundit is reporting that the final name for the NGP as from a trusted source is “PlayStation Vita”. A bit of a jump to drop the PlayStation Portable branding after the first sold more than 60 million units worldwide, and counting, but it makes sense to drop that branding at the same time. The PSP’s name has the negative connotation of being a failed platform in the west. People tend to have a stigma that the PSP “has no games”, or that the games it has are all ports of another platform’s games. It also helps stear the platform away from public confusion. With a name like “Vita”, no one would confuse the platform for another PSP revision, as the public has with the 3DS. “Vita”, in Latin means “Life”.

There may be some truth to the name “Vita”, as new images of the device sporting the name have leaked showcasing an angle never released in the press materials, as well as new icons on the user interface. So, if it is a Photoshop job, it’s certainly a good one. As well,, and are domains registered to a Ascio Technologies, the same firm who has registered PlayStation domains for Sony in the past. Both domains were registered last month.

It should also be noted that apparently an older working title for the NGP was Vita. Why would Sony register the domain for an older name months after? Well, maybe the working title struck a chord.

In related news, RipTen is reporting that alongside the “Vita” name, Uncharted NGP will be named, “Uncharted: Golden Abyss”.

It will only be days before these rumors are proved fact, or fiction with an upcoming Uncharted NGP reveal, and E3 2011.

Thanks goes to NeoGAF members onQ123, Dwayne, john tv, and gofreak for finding all this information.


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  1. PlayStation Vita sounds strange to me, but it’s allot better than NGP. I agree that they want to get away from the stigma of the PSP in the west, but if only we bought Monster Hunter games like they do in Japan, the system wouldn’t be considered a failure. PSP sales were higher than 3DS sales in the last few weeks.

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