Sony says don’t believe what you read on the internet in regards to NGP specs

French site, who was alarming accurate in their NGP hardware speculation prior to the PlayStation Meeting unveiling had recently reported that the technical specs of the NGP had been downgraded. Specifically, the RAM – going from 512MB RAM plus 128MB VRAM to 256MB RAM plus 128MB VRAM. This would mean games would likely have lower resolution textures, and wouldn’t be as fast as the previous numbers also reported that the handheld would arrive without any sort of on board storage, which is a kiss of death in promoting the online storefronts Sony wishes to.

However, it should be noted that Sony never clarified the amount of RAM, or the availability of on board storage for NGP. In fact, at their GDC 2011 developer briefing, Sony was suspiciously quiet in that regard, almost to a hilarious effect.

In an interesting turn of events, Sony Worldwide Studios head, Shuhei Yoshida responded to a tweet regarding the legitimacy of the 01net rumors, and responded with:

While’s article has called into question the platform’s memory strength (which is still leaps and bounds above the competition) and that response tweet is questionable at best, this rumor seems to solidify Sony’s developer relations. According to the site, developers couldn’t be more pleased with the machine, stating it’s been the easiest PlayStation platform to develop for.

Thanks to NeoGAF members Pungza, and Spiegal for pointing this out.


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